Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are You Ready For An Emergency?

The building is surrounded by brain eating friends and family and strangers. You’ve been living without fresh food and water and any way of doctoring your wounds for over a week. The body is either too cold or overly warm with a chance of things getting worse. You know the tight crawl space you ingeniously thought of for a hiding place? Well it has no escape route, and if it did what would you take with you?

There is one thing you keep rolling over and over in your head, “Why didn’t I prepare for this moment?”

Someone is thinking seriously? Yes, yes we are serious. Even experts like Necropology- The Madore Brothers admit they think about where to hide. We are sure they have a survival kit ready.

 Z-comp is just looking out for our readers. We can't save you from afar, can we? We're not just an edgy literary magazine looking out for writers and visual artist; we genuinely want to support all other creative types and sites looking out for the public's interest. By doing so we plan to check out survival products. And we’re passionate about the undead.

Remember, there are many other emergency reasons to begin making plans.

The first step in emergency preparedness it to purchase a reliable emergency kit for oneself and ones family. In the event of a catastrophic disaster, we cannot rely solely on emergency personnel, since they will be unable to assist the many people who will need help. Following a major disaster, stores and financial institutions will be closed, utilities will be shut off, and buildings and roads may become too dangerous to use.

A search took place and Zombie SAK (Survival Assistance Kit) * was found. We asked if they would share their product with our team, so Z-comp could see firsthand if we felt one might be prepared.

There are plenty of preparedness and survivalist websites and books in print offering advise, but few companies offer zombie apocalypse survival kits, bags, rations, and supplies. Zombie SAK is a well put together and ready for most basic kinds of emergencies.

 Inside our kit we found- 
  • Zombie SAK Minimal Bag 
  • Zombie SAK Water Bottle 
  • N95 Mask 
  • 10 Water Purification Tablets 
  • Survival Knife 
  • 6 in 1 Multi Tool/Chow Set 
  • 29 Essential Survival Kit 
  • Magnesium Flint
The minimal kit will help set you up with basic items that you need, and includes an easy marked carrying bag, along with basic tools and water purification. Just keep in mind that this kit does not include any food rations. So either pick some up separately or be ready to scrounge! (Information taken from website)

We were excited when the box from Zombie SAK arrived. Opening it and rummaging through the supplies provided for it's $29.99 price tag, we were pleased. For fifty dollars more you can receive their Trekker Zombie SAK with extra items. Avid hikers and outdoor persons will love the durability of its content. Most impressive- the six in survival knife. Very pointy and Sharp! We believe it could take out a zombie, maybe one good hard fast penetrating thrust would do it. Aim for the brain.

I'm not sure we want to be that close, but you never know where one might have to hide and in a tight space it would help one to feel secure.  You can customize your kits. We do suggest they offer a few of the best survivalist/preparedness handbooks for their kits. Or read a few on your own, and be ready! Taking a class wouldn't hurt either.

Another suggestion Zombie SAK team- add us a pencil, sharpener (knife might work) and a note pad. One never knows when the poetic or artist muse might strike, and keeping notes on best scrounging sites is a good idea. Otherwise we feel this Zombie SAK is a great start for preparation for most emergencies.

The photo above presents what you will find in the 'NEW' minimal Kit, which Zombie SAK just started offering. 'Minimal Kits' are more affordable and located HERE- Zombie SAK.

(it can be used on multiple orders, no minimum amounts!)
*Zombie SAK was provided at no cost to our team, and we are not being provided compensation for this post

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