Thursday, February 2, 2012

It's Your Turn

There are ten signs that you're turn(ing) into a Zombie-
  1. You start to notice that some people not only have good taste... but taste good too. 
  2. It takes you ten times longer to walk to the mailbox (to avoid your NaNo... writing deadlines).
  3. People avoid or run from you 
  4. (after you self-promoted your last book or published work).
  5. You start to develop a pronounced dragging on one side of your body (from sitting in the office chair tweeting all night). 
  6. You start hanging out at the mall with groups of strangers (AGAIN, shamelessly self-promote). 
  7. Your deodorant doesn't work anymore (you tried using those extra copies of your chapbook instead of the regular stuff). 
  8. You have nightmares about shotguns (because you're the target). 
  9. You order steak rare... like in still moving. 
  10. You think George A. Romero does documentaries. 
  11. You doctor diagnosed you with onset Rigor Mortis (once you found out Pinterest isn't a real world, only pretend). 
After finding this on the internet months back ( '6 Signs Your Becoming A Zombie'), we realized this could be more related to 'Writer's Block', and can easily be turn(ed) around. More often than not at all prompts are a great way to get the flow going again. For example:

Does this evoke a story...what lies beyond the fence...what lurks in the mist...

Did that work for you? Now get writing and send us something soon. Submissions are open right now for our April 2012 issue. Read our requirements at 'Submit', and look at whats already been published in our February 2012 issue.

Remember, we like Zombies, but we are not centered around them by any means. They hang out behind our fences at all hours, moaning and groaning about how unloved they are. Not true. Zombies have a fan base that far exceeds even our imagination. However there are other things just as or scarier waiting to be discovered.

How will that happen?

When a writer like you begins to etch out every detail, and then gets it published on an Ezine just like ours...

Speaking of photographs. We also take original artwork and photography!

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