Thursday, March 15, 2012

Out Of The 'Zombie' Box

What scares us the most when we watch horror shows? I don't know about you, but it is all in the details. The cheesier the movie, the lest scary it is. The more details in the story, the effects, and the creatures (budget- another story)...and don't forget the music which often signals something is about to happen!

Matter of fact we have a horror movie on in the back ground while this post is being written. It helps us get into character. If I could add a sound bite here; it would be horrible screams of terror, and then you would see this photo of the BoxOZombies...ahhh!

Lions, Tigers...and Zombies "OH MY!"

Are action figures scary? They can be when you are a child. But if you never have grown up, or just a zombie apocalypse enthusiast and something like BoxOZombies comes out... you get out your acrylic paints and get to work. Our imagination is the limit, however details are important even in toy making. Then pull out your toy solders, matchbox cars, and any other miniatures you might have on hand and have an out right Zombie Apocalypse on the floor. Bed. Living room. How about your office cubicle?

Yes, pull them out and share on your lunch break. Who wouldn't like a Zombie Apocalypse to lower the stress at work? They were designed with Sean Recinto's young son in mind, but he is hoping they become infectious with all ages.

Granite I am showing you a few seconds of the very minutes Z-composition pulled our GREEN and PURPLE action figures outOthebox! We were freaking excited a week before they arrived. The details are amazing (Sorry about the bright FLASH!). But you can buy Zombie Series 1 from BoxOZombies directly, and check it out for yourself.

Did we mention the box is freaking cool? If you are not OCD about returning each figure into their plastic crypts, and placing them back into the cool box- just pull the box apart, preferably the giant screaming zombie face side, lament the cardboard for well keeping (don't forget to add a back- picture frame design) to hold it up while you are recreating your favorite zombie movie scenes. 

Our resident artist couldn't wait. The red paint came out and she went to work adding the blood spatter details. Even if you are not artistic a little dab of red loaded on a dry brush, dabbed onto Kleenex and then go to town on the figures will do!

Check out this site where someone did a way cooler job painting them. Our personal favorite- Naughty Nurse!

Now go buy your own, because we have some infectious fun to have with ours while our popcorn pops and we put on Rob Zombies 'Living Dead Girl' and begin shooting our own sequel to Night of the Living Dead.

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