Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April- National Poetry Month, Create Something Together

In the words of Inaugurated by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month is now held every April, when publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools and poets around the country band together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture.

In our words- Let's do something poetry-ie together. We love poetry!

On the third week of April we shall band together and write something in our journal, from draft to finished piece without the use of electronics, and produce it for the world to see!

How is this helping celebrate April- National Poetry Month in a new way?

Many poets band together to heighten poetry's presence in the eyes of the world.  We want to help.

...dubbed Ye'ole Poetry Challenge by our friend

We (any of you can join us) are going with it and shall do it by candle light. No electronic editing either, only long hand. Let's find out what poets of the early centuries who had no electronics or electricity endured when they worked furiously to put their inner most words, thoughts, and feelings down on paper.

You don't write poetry you say? Write someone a letter and mail it. I miss the natural ease of picking out stationary, a pen, and selecting someone to write my inner most feelings and thoughts too. It would most definitely surprise them! Write them a poem. Tell them it is National Poetry Month.

Even better...leave the poem or poems on small pieces of paper around town. This is not an original idea, nor is the journal writing. But we want to have fun with this.

Beginning April 16th, write a draft, either using daylight or candles during the night. Then over the next four days revise your poem and produce it on your personal blog, Facebook, and or other site produce the poem for everyone to see. Do not use the computer until you post the poem to share. We will all share.

Z-composition will post our poem(s), editors by midnight Friday, April 20th. From there you can link your poetry (on your site or in comment box) from this blog site.

How we will know if everyone followed the rule of only candlelight and no electronics? Zombies are watching you. No, you will just have to police yourselves. Actually if you cannot do it that week because of scheduling issues then just do it before hand. Be sure to let us know it is up!

Write about whatever you desire- our site is not just about the unDead!

How will anyone know? Send us an email or comment here and let us know you are on board. (and it does not have to be about Zombies)

Z-composition is a bit late in joining the poetry band wagon, but we just got our 2nd issue of the magazine up. Z-composition April 2012


  1. My Dark Matter Part II

    For JF

    I want to astral project inside you and taste the honey of your thoughts

    I want to be the eye of your hurricane, the calm in your storm.

    I want to play hide and seek with your inner child and tickle your neurons into irregular bursts.

    I want to know the landscape of your heart and the map of your emotions.

    I want to make you laugh wildly and dream without restriction.

    I want to kiss your eyelashes and know each freckle on your nose.

    I want you to see me. Really see me.

    I want you to know me. Really know me.

    I want to show you what lies inside.

    I need. I need you to turn a light on in my dark matter.

    I need. I need. I need. I. Need. You.

  2. Hello,

    Here's my entry ^^ Hope you like it all :)

    Scenery of Art